iFame TV (Independent Film and Music Entertainment), is the new home where the independent movie buff, the music enthusiast, and original content combine to give a unique experience to viewers. iFame TV is a network that thrives off of customer feedback and puts the power back in your hands!

 iFame TV (Independent Film And Music Entertainment), brought to you by the multi-award winning production home of WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC is the new entertainment TV network for today’s generation. iFame TV's content consists of a ton of exclusive movies, TV shows, music videos, concerts, interviews, and more. Currently iFame TV reaches over 40,000,000 households through ROKU (in the “Music” section), FilmOn (Free Cell App in Europe & USA), SPB TV (Free Cell App in Russia & USA), as well as streaming live online at www.ifametv.com. 

The goal of iFame TV is to bring back the uniqueness of the music and movie TV network and make the focus about the artists and the TV content. IFame TV specialize in breaking new independent TV shows, incredible new music artists, groundbreaking movies, plus intertwining a hot fresh feel with some classic music programming.

iFame TV home to never before seen footage of Tupac