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Unreleased 1992 Tupac Television AppearanceFound, Will Air On iFame TV

Exclusive: Rare Tupac footage from 1992 has been found and it will air on iFame TV today, January 28, 2013. Rare Tupac footage from 1992 will air on iFame TV today. The footage comes from a television program, “Dance Party USA.” 

This footage is rare because the episode only aired once, on January 12, 1992 and it has been archived since. HipHopDX was given the premiere of the trailer from iFame TV today (January 28th). 

The full 30-minute program features an interview with Tupac about his work in Juice, a film that was released days after the episode first aired. Tupac also performed on the episode and was a part of the rest of the show. 

Today, iFame TV will air the program and it will be seen through iFame TV, iFameTV.com, ROKU and the cellphone app Yamgo. iFame promises that it is, “Tupac like you’ve never seen him before.” 

Other episodes of “Dance Party USA” will also be re-aired soon. iFame TV has episodes that featureBig Daddy Kane, Gang Starr and Heavy D, among others. iFame will also be airing episodes of another television program, “Dancin’ On Air.” Outside of this, iFame features Independent music videos, films and concerts. 

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